Thank You From The Increase!

February 1, 2015

What a weekend!

Thanks to Josh McCown and Craig Gross for staying up in conversation all night to “midwife” the birth of the idea for Football Sunday one evening at a conference two years ago.

Thanks to Trent Dilfer for hosting Football Sunday, and for opening the doors that allowed us to film at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara (home of Super Bowl 50!)

Thanks to Jed York and all the staff at Levi’s Stadium for literally opening doors and letting us point camera lenses all over their amazing facility.

Thanks to Gary Molander and Dave Wilkins of Floodgate Productions, our storytelling brothers from Fresno, CA who prayerfully crafted the video with great care.

Thanks to all at and for getting the word out to their audience.

Thanks to Chris JonesRussell Okung, Greg Scruggs, Matthew Slater, Nate Solder, Bryan Walters, and Russell Wilson for making themselves available to us during a hectic week.

Thanks to all the athletes who have shared their stories of self-decrease on

Thanks to all at YouVersion for all their help in making The Increase devotional a reality.

Thanks to Jon Talbert for insisting that we try to include NFL Films game footage in the version of the film shown in churches. It was a small thing that made a big difference.

Thanks to Raymond St. Martin, Ian Utile, and the animals @GorillaBranders for feats of heroics too numerous to list in website design and coding, social media, and content production and strategy.

If you haven’t seen the unrestricted version of Football Sunday, view it right here: